How did we get here?

For a long time it seemed like we were the suckers.  We couldn’t afford a house.  Two nice, master educated working parents and we can’t afford a decent sized house, with a yard, in an area where people similiar to ourselves could live (call me a snob).  Everyone else seemed to be able to do it.  Just not us.  Do we pay too much in daycare? Student loans too high?  Did our parents not give us enough money?  Did we not make enough in equity on another house to buy a newer, bigger, very expensive house.  It was a mystery.  And we were mad – we felt cheated.  Here we were doing everything right, making more money, both absolutely and relatively than all of our parents, and yet – they get to live on the water, since they bought a dump 30 years ago and have watched as home prices soar.  We can barely afford a splanch.

The real estate market took us for a ride.  But, boy oh boy, am I waiting and watching – because there will be a fire sale on center hall suburban colonials in the very new future.  The cathedrail ceiling great roomm and eat in granite kitchen on 2 plus acres will soon be mine… I can just feel it.  After all I have excellent  credit and some stock options.  The house of my dreams will be on sale soon… Now if only I hadn’t bought that townhouse at the height of the market, I would be all set….

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