About Andrea Stein, GirlMogul Founder

The Founder of GirlMogul
Andrea Stein is the founder of GirlMogul Designs While shopping in the girls section for gifts, she noted the abundance of princess wear and wondered if there was an alternative. Finding none, she set about to create an alternative, dreaming up GirlMogul and its power apparel. By pulling together a talented team of designers and using innovative production capabilities and web marketing strategies, Andrea built girlmogul.com as the site for feminist fashion for the junior set. Since then, GirlMogul has expanded into publishing the online GirlMogul Magazine, about the adventures of the GirlMogul Characters, a non-fiction book, Light Up Your Girl Power, and the GirlMogul Mom – a parenting blog.
Andrea Stein has extensive experience in product development, management and consulting. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children. She is a graduate of Barnard College and holds an MBA from the University at Albany School of Business.

You can reach Andrea at andrea@girlmogulmagazine.com | 888.521.9770

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