DIY Fashion: Harry Potter Crest T-Shirts!

Hey GirlMoguls! So, with all this buzz about Harry Potter lately, I decided I wanted to dress up for the premiere the other week. But, I wanted to make something myself. I wanted to make something that represents me, and you know I love my DIY Fashion! Thus, I decided to make my own Harry Potter themed t-shirts for my friends and I.

Gryffindor Crest T-shirtI figured out a super easy way to get a professional looking t-shirt for so much less money than you would find at a store in the mall. Plus, you get to be creative and add whatever details you like. Another plus? You can use these tricks for ANY image, not jts Harry Potter. Pick a picture of your own, a design you like, or something you created online with digital art, and follow these easy steps:

1. You need a plain, light colored t-shirt, a printer, computer, t-shirt transfers and some puffy fabric paint (I bought a set of 10 colors for $7.00 at A.C. Moore, and they will last me a bunch of shirt decorating sessions!)
2. First, Pick the image you want to put on your shirt. I chose the Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff crests from the Harry Potter books because I was going to the movie. But, you can choose anything you like!
3. Next, Get the image into a word file, and reverse it 180 degrees horizontally. It should look backwards! (To do this, go to “Format Picture” and then “Rotate Horizontally”)
4. After, Print out the backward looking image on the t-shirt transfers (about $12.00 for a pack of 10 at A.C.Moore)
5. Iron on the images onto your shirt, following the directions on the package.
6. Let your iron on image cool off, then go over it with the vibrant colored puffy fabric paints. You can add designs around the crest, or just make it super professional looking. I went over all the colors and designs to give it texture and color. Also, the puffy paints make the design long lasting.
7. Let dry, and enjoy! I got a ton of compliments on the tees, and I know you will too!
Hufflepuff Crest T Shirt

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