The Real-Life Hermione: Emma Watson Chooses A University!

Emma Watson, the female star of the Harry Potter movies, has announced her choice for college. Tons of rumors were going around about this smart, teenage starlet. I heard that even in real life, Emma is similar to the character she plays on screen. She loves reading and literature in general. According to her website, Carlos Ruiz Zafron is her favorite author, and I loved his book The Shadow of the Wind!It’s cool to find out you have things in common with the stars you admire.
Something that is very admiral about Emma is that even while shooting the Harry Potter films, Emma maintained a straight A average and kept up with schooling. She has said several times that she wants to attend an American university and have a normal college experience, including all the craziness like random dorming freshman year and joining clubs and organizations. Since she is so smart, it was rumored that Emma would be attending an Ivy League university. And, she is!
Emma Watson is officially attending Brown University this fall! I wish her all the luck in the world and hopes she has as close to a normal college experience as possible- she totally deserves it. What do you think about Emma Watson attending an American University? Let me know!

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