Giveaway – Mia My Jacket

Hi Girls, This week’s giveaway is the Mia My Jacket for tweens. This cool cotton blazer comes with it’s own set of decorating paints and markers so you create your very own designs on your own jacket. So go crazy- are you a Miley fan or JoBro – let the world know. Science whiz or drama(tic writing) queen, explore your creative nature.

How do you win? Tell us what you would put on your MiaMy Jacket in the comments below. We’ll pick a winner randomly. Contest open until August 26th. Let your imaginations roar!

5 Replies to “Giveaway – Mia My Jacket”

  1. Hi, I believe in helping the planet!
    My jacket would have animals, trees, the
    earth, etc. Thanks…..Cindi

  2. I like fairies – everything about fairies. I would draw a whole fairy village on this jacket. Maybe a little fairy would come live in my pocket.

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