Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Hi Girl Moguls! It’s Lily, with your weekly White House Round Up! Do you ever have trouble thinking up the perfect birthday present for your dad? Imagine how the Obama girls must feel! August 4th was their dad’s 48th birthday, and although there weren’t any specifics on how the Obama family celebrated the special day or what gifts the President received, it was probably an incredibly fun day. I’m sure that no matter what Sasha and Malia gave their dad, he’s sure to love it! (It’s the unofficial parent rule: they’re always going to love what you get them as long as it comes from the heart.)
Being the generous man he is, President Obama didn’t publically celebrate his own birthday, but instead sang “Happy Birthday” to someone else! Renowned journalist, Helen Thomas, shares the same birthday as the president and turned 89. President Obama presented her with cupcakes and a tune. What could be a better birthday present than the President of the United States singing to you? I can’t think of anything!
What would you give President Obama for a birthday present if you could? Or, even better, what do you think he wished for when he blew out his birthday candles? World peace? Tell me your ideas!

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