Back to School Saving Tips

Hey Girl Moguls! Do you ever talk to your family or friends about the economy or the recession? I read this interesting report that more girls than boys are worried about their family’s finances. Although I think it’s good that girls are interested in learning about what is happening in today’s economy, I don’t think it’s good that girls are getting so stressed over them! It’s good to be cautious and not overspend, but it’s not good to be too stressed. So what are some good ways you can save money and still be yourself?

How about stopping by thrift stores as part of your back to school shopping? Thrift stores are great places to find awesome vintage clothes at a really cheap price! You never know what kind of treasures you might find at a thrift store, so it’s really fun to explore and see what the good finds are!
Recycle your old notebooks, folders and other school supplies! I know that everyone likes to start a new school year off fresh, but what about those notebooks you used last year that you only used half of? Reuse the notebook for this year! Cove up the old subject or teacher on the notebook with stickers and decorate it so it looks as good as new. There’s no reason to throw out good school supplies just because they’re from last year. Notebooks next go out of style!

It’s good to know what’s going on in the world, so try talking to your family about the economy and ask them about other ways you can help out and save some money, as well as suggesting your own ideas! What kind of ideas have you come up with?

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