Meet Just Grace, third grade Superhero

Meet Just Grace, she’s in third grade and she has a cool neighbor who’s a flight attendant, a best friend, a vivid imagination and a cool superpower, empathy – which means she understands how people feel.

Just Grace got her name because there are four other Graces in her class! Her teacher has to give them nicknames (Big Grace, Grace F and Just Grace) to remember all of them.
Life as a third grader has it’s ups and downs and in this adventure story. When her next door neighbor’s (the scary Mrs. Luther) cat goes missing, Just Grace, who is fond of the cat, decides to help try and find Crinkles. This involves a cardboard cutout, postcards and accepting help from the icky Sammy Stringer.

Just Grace (a.k.a Grace Stewart)
is a fun, engaging character and the cartoon drawing throughout the book help bring it to life while still letting your imagination work. Just Grace by Charise Mericle Harperis the first book in a series and there are a few more, so if you like the first one, your bound to like them all. And if you’re an avid reader like me, there’s nothing like having more than one book about your favorite character to read.

My Vote – read it!!
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