Modern Day Amelia Earhart – Marijke Unger

A while ago, I wrote about a quote by Amelia Earhart and talked about all the achievements she made as a pilot. Well, pilot Marijke Unger from Longmont might just be following in her footsteps! On Tuesday, Unger took off for a four-day, cross-country air race covering 2,700 miles. She is accompanied by her co-pilot, Kara Pruitt, who is a Broomfield flight instructor. The air race they are participating in is the 80th annual Air Race Classic, the only all-female transcontinental aviation race in the nation, whose mission is to promote awareness of women in aviation. Awesome!
Marijke didn’t enter the race to gain fame and riches. She says she entered for the adventure and to improve as a pilot. She also decided to use this opportunity to raise money, and with her team has raised more than $21,000 from about 100 donors to support Wings of Hope, a non-profit organization that runs air ambulance services and works on community development in 42 countries worldwide. Sounds like a good cause! As if this wasn’t enough pressure, this is Marijke’s first race! Besides the competition, the main point of this race is to help educate our generation of girls about flying. Did you know that only about 6% of registered airplane pilots in the United States are women? That’s such a low number! Although it can be scary at times, flying can be really exciting and energizing (although I’ve never been the one piloting!) If you love adventure and excitement, maybe you should consider being a pilot when you grow up. There’s no better way to allow your dreams to take flight and soar!

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