Back to School Accessories: Carry Your Way to Affordable Style

We can discuss what clothing fads are “in” this season all day: straight-leg or boot-cut? Plaid or print? Shrug or tunic? The answers are all up to you; they depend on your personal style. Similarly, accessories depend on your personal style. And, what is the one major accessory that you carry every single day of the school year? Your backpack! That means that is has to match everything, and yet be durable enough to carry all your stuff. Also, GirlMoguls, take it from me, messengers may seem super cool, but you’ll help out your back big-time by getting one with two straps! Here are some of the favorites I’ve found for this year:

The Classic: JanSport’s Superbreak ($25.00): The bag is the ultimate classic backpack. It has the bare essentials: one pocket for books, and one smaller one for accessories. It comes in a tough, durable material that lasts for years! Plus, it comes in a huge variety of prints and colors. It’s impossible not to find one you like. And if you don’t, get a plain one and decorate it! Jansport Backpack Collection

CalPack’s S Curve Backpack ($17.59): I found this bag on sale and online. I love the ombre fading of colors, especially pink! It’s cute, durable, affordable, and has a ton of space for everything you need. I like having a smaller pocket in the front for all of my little stuff like pens and make-up. It comes in other colors as well, but you know me, I’m all about the pink. It’s on sale for the next two days as well, so check it out now.

FUL’s Ditty Bag ($19.99): This bag got nearly perfect reviews from its buyers, and would surely get one from me too! It’s unique shape and material make it different than the ordinary backpack. The bag is made out of ballistic nylon, which actually turns out to have a distinct sheen. It’s a tough material, and can handle a lot of weight. The bag’s structure is also unique because it has two full size pockets and one in the front, with smaller compartments inside. It comes in black and fuchsia. Click here to see more.

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