Zubbles – Colored Bubbles are Impossible, Aren't They?

Zubbles - The World's First Colored Bubbles
Zubbles - The World's First Colored Bubbles
Hi girls! Poppy here, bringing you a fun new invention you’ll love to try out! Almost all kids LOVE bubbles, right? There’s not much to them, but it’s so relaxing to just go outside and blow as many as you can, and either watch them float away or try to pop them. But now there’s a way to look at bubbles in a whole new color…literally!

What color would you identify bubbles as? Clear, because you can see through them? Rainbow, because you can see the colors of the rainbow reflected in them? Now, an invention has come along that people have long thought was impossible…colored bubbles! Zubbles (http://www.zubbles.com/) are the world’s first EVER colored bubbles that don’t stain when they pop (a huge plus for parents who are worried about their children’s clothing getting ruined!) The concept seems pretty simple, but accomplishing this was much harder than it sounds! Inventor Tim Kehoe spent 15 years working on Zubbles, and was told by lots of people that you just couldn’t color a bubble. Looks like he proved them wrong!

Although it’s such a simple and classic idea, bubbles are considered to be the world’s most popular toy, as there are over 200 million bottles of solution sold every year. And with the creation of colored bubbles, I bet that number will skyrocket! Even though Zubbles isn’t a breakthrough scientific discovery, it’s still a great idea, and proves that anything is possible if you’re willing to dedicate enough time to it. So check out Zubbles, and see what it’s like to give a classic toy a bit of color!
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