Michell Obama: An American Story

Hey girls, it’s me, Rose! The other day, I realized that I know all about Sasha and Malia and what they’re up to, but not too much about their mom. Sure, I know a couple things, but there’s so much more to find out! That’s why I decided to read a biography about her called Michelle Obama: An American Story by David Colbert. I found out all about her family history, her upbringing, what a great student she was, and how all these factors shaped her into being who she is today. Most people just think of Michelle Obama as either the First Lady or Sasha and Malia’s mom, but she’s really much more than that. Did you know that she was reading before she started elementary school and that she skipped the second grade? It’s that kind of intelligence that would bring her to not one, but two Ivy League schools: Princeton University for her undergraduate degree and Harvard University for her law degree. Impressive!

I know that biographies aren’t always the most fun books to read, but I really think David Colbert did a great job on Michelle Obama’s. I was fascinated by her history and values, and the book wasn’t just a list of dates and facts, like I know some biographies sometimes are. It also includes some great pictures of Michelle from when she was in elementary school to the present day.
Even if you’ve never been interested in learning about Michelle Obama before, I think you’ll enjoy reading this book and taking a peak into her life. You might discover she’s a lot different than you thought she would be—in an awesome way!

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