Book Review – Front & Center, last book in the Dairy Queen Trilogy

Hi Girl Moguls! I just finished reading this good book and I wanted to tell you all about it. It’s called Front and Center by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, and it’s the last book in the Dairy Queen Trilogy (the first two books in the trilogy are called Dairy Queen and The Off Season). If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, I’d suggest you start there before you read Front and Center, so you know what’s going on!

The trilogy follows D.J. Schewnk, a girl with a lot on her plate she has to deal with. Not only does she have to take over the majority of work on her family’s Wisconsin dairy farm when the rest of her family gets sidetracked with other things, but she also has to deal with her crush on Brian Nelson, the quarterback on her high school football team’s biggest rival team. Falling for the quarterback might not have been such a big deal…if D.J. herself hadn’t tried out for her own school’s football team. Now, not only is she crushing on a guy she shouldn’t, but she has to deal with being a girl in a mainly boy-dominated field. During the series, D.J. has to figure out other tough situations, including her best friend coming out and preparing for college. But throughout it all, D.J. manages to keep it all together and remain an upbeat, caring girl. It was great to read her point of view and feel what it would be like to walk in her shoes! D.J. is a great character and the series has everything you might want: sports, romance, and a very relatable protagonist. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about her adventures as much as I did!

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