Back to School Tips – Picking the Right Club for You

Going back to school usually means an overwhelming first week. There is so much to worry about! From classes to teachers to fellow students, there is more than enough to handle. So, don’t let picking your after-school activities stress you out! I have a plan for getting the right clubs for you this year. Here’s what you do:
First, sit down and look at your schedule. Are there any days you’re consistently busy in the afternoon? Say, for example, you have karate practice every Tuesday evening. Block off that afternoon on your schedule. Do you have all the days in mind that you are free? Great, move on to the next step.
Now, when your club fair happens, or when your school’s clubs announce when their meeting, immediately cross off any that are on the days that are blocked. Trying to do too much in one day will become more of a hassle a stress for you later down the road. Them, take a look at what’s left. What are your interests? Go for a variety of things, not a bunch of clubs with similar topics. If you like art, computers, sports, and hanging out, go to the first meetings of any kind of Art club, Computer club, Sports teams, and Peer Leadership opportunities. It’s really important to attend as many first meetings as possible. This is so you can get a feel of the real people and the real club instead of just seeing the name on paper. From there, choose at least one to a maximum of 3-4 clubs you can realistically find yourself going to every week, or whenever they meet. Make sure to choose a diverse group of clubs/activities, and enjoy!
**Remember not to worry about the people in the club. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone in the beginning. That’s the point! These are people who have similar interests to you, and by being with them during meetings, you’ll meet everyone and make friends. Just don’t be shy!

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