Quote of the Day – Gloria Vanderbilt

“I’ve always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.”
-Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbilt
Gloria Vanderbilt
Gloria Vanderbilt comes from one of the most famous families in American history. Yet, she still understands the importance of work leading to success. She demonstrates her realistic sense of success through this quotation.
Think about it- she’s right. She’s saying that one women’s success cannot be detrimental to another’s. Initially, I thought maybe she meant that when one woman is successful, she would reach out and help another woman by doing things like providing another woman a job or something like that. But on second thought, I realized that she meant it figuratively, not literally! I don’t think she means a successful woman will literally reach out to another and offer them a job or a promotion or some kind of break. Instead, I think she’s talking about the whole “glass ceiling” concept.

When we think about success, we know that women are bound by what people call the “glass ceiling”. The glass ceiling is a term to describe the limitations women have in the workplace. It means that no matter how qualified a woman is for a job, a man ca n beat her out due to sexism, or the belief that a woman is not good enough or available enough (due to pregnancy and children) for a certain career. Many women have broken this ceiling in the past, and it just keeps on rising. Although this bias still exists with careers, like being the President of the United States, great strides have been made to erase it. Vanderbilt discusses how when one woman is successful, she is essentially breaking some kind social norm, which can pave the way for more women. This is how one woman’s success helps another woman’s success. She is essentially paving the road for future women. Read more about Gloria Vanderbilt here.

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