Spider Monkeys Become Inventors!

There’s some new inventors on the scene and you are NEVER going to guess who they are…spider monkeys! Yup, you read that right! The spider monkey is a type of monkey that can be found in the tropical forests of Central and South America and is known for its ability to create its own tools in order to feed and find food. The spider monkey isn’t alone in creating tools: chimpanzees, orangutans and capuchin monkeys are also tool-users. But the spider monkey seems to have created a tool that’s not just for finding and eating food: a medicated body scratcher. Scientists are still not entirely sure about the spider monkey’s invention, but whatever the tool is used for, it could reveal a lot about how this little animal thinks and lives! The spider monkeys were observed rubbing crushed and chewed leaves on their bodies with branches. It doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but if the monkeys have figured out ways to use leaves for soothing purposes, maybe they will start creating even more tools for medical purposes…or even more complex ones!
Scientists also think that this practice might be a way for spider monkeys to communicate, but through smelling! The leaves that they rub on themselves have a specific odor and could stand for a signal for other spider monkeys who smell it. Who knows what those smell signals stand for, though!
Maybe these animals are much more complex than we ever thought they were. It’s amazing what studying an animal in its natural habitat can allow you to discover. Try studying animals in your neighborhood in their natural habitats and tell me what you find out!

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