My Back to School Resolutions

Back to School Resolutions!

Somehow, going back to school is like New Year’s Day for me. You’re starting out fresh, with all new classes, new supplies, new teachers, and maybe even a new school. I like the chance of starting out again with people, like friends. Sometimes, it can be tough to get through the previous year with all the gossip and cliques in schools. But, the first day of school is like a clean slate, so I am coming up with a resolution.
My Back to School resolution is to sit with different people at lunch. I don’t like being confined to that one table everyday at lunch with the same people. How do you make new friends then? I want to venture out into the cafeteria and sit with different groups of people. If they don’t like it, then it’s their loss! But, if I get along with them, then I’ve just made some new friends! Either way, it’ll be a good experience for me. I will meet new people, hopefully get some new friends out of it, and also learn how to interact with different types of people. And isn’t school all about learning anyway?
I hope that it goes well. I want to really get to know people that I have been going to school with for years, but never really got the chance to know. And I’m definitely not just sitting with kids that are maybe considered “popular”. I want to give everyone a chance because we’re all human and we’re all interesting, and ultimately, we all have something to say. So, what’s your back to school resolution? Maybe try giving someone you never talk to a chance to be friends!

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