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  1. You really recommend 113 Things…? Why not add pole dancing? I didn’t see any mention of anything intellectual.
    Very disappointing.
    Secrets to a sa-weet party look from Sephora’s beauty pro.
    • The best (worst!) OMG moments from girls just like us.

    • The crush zone—four ways to tell if your crush is into you.
    • A guide to which star is your fashion mate. Is it Vanessa Hudgens? Or Amanda Bynes?
    • Tips to hosting the most rockin’ sleepover ever.
    • Stargaze with your astro-rific BFF and zodiac-celeb crushes.
    • 4-1-1 on gossip, body stuff, cyber-bullying, money-making ideas

  2. salli- Thanks for your comment – there are things in the book about how to deal with cyberbullying, friend issues and volunteering — which might not have been clear in the book description. And to your point, most of the topics aren’t intellectual….however that brings up a great point – what topics do you want to see covered – please tell us

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