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Why Join the GirlMogul Insider’s Club?

Would you like to see your tween daughter full of self-esteem, self-confidence and well-positioned for her future success?

Moms, are you worried that your daughter:
• Won’t make positive choices?
• Won’t develop high self-esteem?
• Won’t do well in school?
• Won’t be invested in the future?
• Is still waiting for the fairy tale prince to come?

Did You Know?

• Eating disorders, low self esteem and depression are the most common health problems in girls?
• Many girls begin dieting as EARLY as the age of 10
• By 15, girls are twice as likely to be depressed than are boys
• By age 10, girls begin to think being smart isn’t cool and start to play dumb

Would you rather your daughter have:

• A positive body image
• Amazing self esteem
• Tremendous confidence in school
• Money smarts
• Exciting goals and a plan to achieve them
• Her Own Talents and Interests
• And the Knowledge she can do anything she sets her mind to?


If so, you’re not alone. Most parents want the best for their daughters. They want to encourage their daughter’s success and make sure that their daughter has high self esteem and the ability to cope with life’s challenges and opportunities.

But in this busy day and age, when everything around us seems to be sending the wrong message, how can we ensure that our daughters are living up to their own natural potential, and developing the highest levels of confidence and self esteem so they can successfully navigate the challenges of the real world?

You can help your daughter find her inner strength and develop her self-esteem.

I’m Andrea Stein, concerned mother, mompreneur and founder of GirlMogul.
I started the GirlMogul Club because I thought our daughters were being shortchanged. Everything was princess this and diva that. I mean c’mon, the chances of any of us becoming princesses are pretty slim (plus they always seem to be magnets for really BAD things). I thought – why won’t someone encourage my daughter to grow up to be a CEO, a rocket scientist, or a Peace Prize Winner. Where are her positive role models?

I knew I had to do something, anything, to encourage her success without coming off like a preachy, interfering mom.

So I started to show her other role models – like the first female millionaire, the first environmental activist and rocket scientist. But it was hard to find women who were good models. I mean, the news today is filled with pretty much the wrong kind of role models.

I spent countless hours researching and compiling, reviewing and rejecting before I had a complete list of women worthy of my daughter’s attention. From there I started to collect stories and news articles that would encourage her to dream big, to think about who she wanted to be and to help others.

And to help tell those stories, I created the GirlMoguls – four girls who dream big and reach for the stars and will help your girls do the same.

Introducing the GirlMoguls
The GirlMoguls are four tween girls with different interests and personalities who come together and form a great bond. Committed to each other and themselves – they’re loyal friends, smart cookies and do-gooders for the most part. They share all they have learned and encourage your daughter to be the best she can by having her join the GirlMoguls Insider Club– the exclusive online community for tween girls, totally dedicated to their success in life.


After seeing the impact on my daughter, I wanted to share my solution with other parents. I believe that it’s time for us, as parents, to tell the mainstream media to stop polluting our daughter’s sense of self. It’s time for us to show our daughters that there are many ways of being successful in life and that it all starts with a solid foundation of self esteem.

Meet Rose – GirlMogul Rose is the scholar of the group, the narrator, the one who sits backs and observes, the voice of reason.

Meet Lily – GirlMogul Lily is a natural leader, always looking for solutions and finding a way to get everyone to work together.

Meet Poppy – the scientist – Poppy loves animals and finding out the answer to the question why.

Meet Daisy – GirlMogul Daisy is the gadget girl – more comfortable with electronics than people she learns to relate to both when she spends time with the other GirlMoguls

Once my daughter entered the world of the GirlMoguls, she began to see that being smart and accomplished – and doing something beside party hopping could be pretty cool too!

I found that by inspiring her with true stories, and taking topics like math, science and social experiences and relating them through the eyes of the GirlMoguls helped lift her spirits and made her more confident her own abilities, better able to have a firm sense of who she was – and better able to resist peer pressure and build that important core of self-esteem.

She began to think, “Well, if so and so could do that, then so could I.” At the GirlMogul Insider Club we make sure there are plenty of examples from the real world, so that my daughter could see how even now, she was beginning to chart the path her life would take.

Here’s what some other people are saying about GirlMogul:

“It is frustrating that, despite how far women have come in the world, a girl is still considered a “tomboy” if she likes sports and is good at science and math. Girls can do just as well if not better than boys in these pursuits, and hooray to GirlMogul for allowing girls to broadcast that message.”
~ Katherine, mother to Erika, and journalist

“I think we can safely agree that we’d prefer our daughters to aspire to become more in life than a diva or a heart breaker. Think bigger, … I beg you! Thankfully the wonderfully named GirlMogul has come to the rescue…” ~ CoolMomPicks.com

“I love the message your site and products are sending!”
~ Sally, mother

“What a great idea.. The whole “princess” thing annoys me to no end. I want my daughter to grow up with more “wishes” then to be a princess.” ~ Jill, mother 2 girls

“GirlMogul is a company that believes in the power of dreams, and encouraging those dreams.” ~ Mommy Mandy – Mom & small business owner

“Do you believe in girl power? Girl Mogul does! They believe in encouraging girls’ dreams, in empowering successful girls. You won’t find any princess messages here. What you will find: Positive, encouraging messages for girls.” ~ Kim, mom & Mommy Blogger

“I absolutely love the philosophy behind this product…Having 2 girls, it is an inspiration.” ~ Ginny – Stay at home Mom & Scrapbooker and Blogger

That’s why the GirlMogul Insider Club for tween girls is key to helping your daughter build her confidence and self-esteem. But the site is not a one way street – it’s a totally interactive membership site that lets your daughter into the GirlMogul club.

Every day she can log on to the totally SAFE and monitored GirlMogul Club website and read new posts and stories about the topics she cares about, filtered through eyes of the GirlMoguls and guest writers. She’ll be able to read, reflect, post comments and feel supported by the powerful community behind GirlMogul. This is a totally safe and controlled environment for members – we take your daughter’s cybersafety seriously and while we’re no “Big Sister” we make sure the GirlMogul Insider Club is a safe online haven for your tween.

Plus every month she’ll get a new ebook filled with girl power content, quizzes and fun projects. And she can participate in our GirlMogul Book Club. A great work of fiction that will get her excited about reading – we’ll supply the reader’s guide and let her participate in reader chats with the other members.

And she’ll have the chance to enter great giveaways and contests – with prizes like iPods, cameras and gift certificates to the places she loves the most.

Let Your Girl Power Shine –
The GirlMogul Insider Club is a complete experience for your daughter. Your monthly subscription will give her the opportunity to safely interact online but also these great offline bonuses:

    A monthly e-Booklet of the best of The GirlMogul Club, plus fun games, trivia and puzzles
    The chance to win great prizes (like iPods, gift certificates and other cool stuff) when she participates in the community challenge
    Access to the GirlMogul book club – every month we pick a new book and guide your daughter through it with a Reader’s Guide, chats and prizes – This will make reading fun!
    How Tos – We’ll help your daughter learn how to develop her talents and interests –from math puzzles, to how to start her own business, to how to change the world or just her part of it, the GirlMoguls will deliver a monthly How To Guide

The GirlMogul Insider Club will help her guide her own future – don’t let society and the media do it for her. This is one club that will MAKE A HUGE IMPACT on the woman your daughter becomes – make sure she’s inspired the right way!

LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER -TRY US FOR JUST $1.00 a month and then pay only $4.99 a month… AND don’t forget your free bonuses worth over $99!

Yes, for less than the price of a new outfit, your daughter can be inspired and encouraged. You don’t have to be an expert to inspire your daughter – you just have to be her mother and gently push her in the right direction.

With a GirlMogul Insiders Club Membership, your daughter will read stories of inspiring women, discover encouraging quotes, learn about cool science facts, engage in exciting challenges, learn how to make a difference and get great DIY projects and ideas.
We take topics and put a girl power spin on them:

– The science behind spa beauty
– Was the Viking Age caused by a lack of eligible wives?
– Can scientists measure happiness?
– How to start your own business – by doing something right in your own neighborhood
– Budget Fashionista projects for the crafty gal
– Why being smart is cool
– How to navigate a new school year
– What to do when your don’t like your best friend’s new friend

And every month she’ll get her own ebook of the best of the GirlMogul’s content, plus automatic access to the GirlMogul Book club and the chance to win really cool prizes when she participates in the community.

Allow your daughter to be inspired by the GirlMoguls, to see a different set of role models, role models who aren’t living a secret life of fame and fortune, role models who use their intelligence and smarts to solve problems, role models who have an insatiable curiosity and a zest for life, who are committed to helping others.

The GirlMogul Insider Club
is filled with engaging and fun content. I knew it had to be – because I wanted my daughter to want to read it and participate. Not only is there plenty of material to dive through, but there are interactive quizzes, contests and projects to get your daughter thinking and doing…. A membership to GirlMogul Insiders Club will help your daughter see that success happens every day in the real world, and isn’t defined by bright lights or reality TV.


• Thought in terms of Success Tales, not fairy tales
• Was totally confident in her ability to succeed
• Remained strong and made positive choices in the face of peer pressure
• Was motivated to make her wishes come true
• Wanted to spend more time with you (going through your dreams together using the book is an excellent bonding experience)
• Felt the true pride of accomplishment after achieving something extraordinary in her eyes
A GirlMogul Insider Club membership will help your daughter experience all of that.
Armed with the power of the GirlMoguls your daughter will be able to:
• Relate to helping others
• Envision a positive, successful future
• Learn how to solve problems
• Look out for herself
• Find her talents and passions and follow them
• Be true to herself
• Define her own dreams and goals and lay out a plan to achieve them
• Believe on possibilities
• Create a core of self esteem and self confidence that will guide her through any challenge


• Be inspired to be all that she can be
• Learn that it takes perseverance to overcome obstacles
• Learn that passion can drive your life’s purpose
• Learn that childhood hobbies and interests can become the basis for a fulfilling life
• Learn that one woman CAN MAKE a difference
• View the world through a lens of possibility
• Learn that mothers are GREAT Role models too!

The GirlMogul Insider Club will help your daughter experience big dreams. It will gently encourage her success as she reads about the profiles of successful, gutsy women who overcame challenges and obstacles to live lives of purpose, passion and meaning. It will inspire her to think about positive role models and how she too can have a real effect on the world.

It would take you weeks to research all of these different wonderful ladies and create all this great content about science, current events and peer pressure not to mention the money you would have spent buying books, researching and contacting them. I know that as a busy parent, that’s time you don’t have – and that’s ok. You should be spending your time with your daughter, developing and nurturing your relationship and her growth into a young woman.

But imagine if you didn’t care so much – what impact would that have on your daughter’s life? Do you think she might suffer from:
• low self esteem
• poor decision making skills
• lack of goals and the skills to attain them
• no positive role models
• poor knowledge of her self and what makes her strong and unique
These may sound like small problems, but we know that these combined can undermine your daughter’s self confidence and cause life-long problems that could take years of frustration to overcome.

That’s why we’re offering a membership to the GirlMogul Insider Club online community at a special introductory price of just $1.00! get the first month of club membership for just $1.00 and then continue to enjoy the insider’s club at just $4.99 a month…and you can cancel at any time.

And that’s not all – you won’t just get the membership to the GirlMogul Insider club. I have added some great bonuses to make this a true GIRL POWER KIT – all for just $4.99 a month – you couldn’t buy all of these books in a bookstore for less than $100!


• Membership to the GirlMogul Insider Club
• Monthly eBook filled with Girl Power contents, quizzes, and contests
• Access to the GirlMogul book club – reader’s guides, chats and prizes
• Chances to win great prizes like iPods, digital cameras and gift certificates to all the cool places

• Membership to the GirlMogul Insider Club
• Monthly eBook filled with Girl Power contents, quizzes, and contests
• Access to the GirlMogul book club – reader’s guides, chats and prizes
• Chances to win great prizes like iPods, digital cameras and gift certificates to all the cool places
• Girl Power Rules eBook– Over 20 profiles of inspiring, encouraging and motivating women mentors from all areas ($12.99)
• The GirlMogul Get Goaling Workbook – a dreams to goal workbook that can be used over and over to help your daughter dream about her future and set real, attainable goals for today ($12.99 value)
• 25+ Things a GirlMogul can do today to change her world (eBook) (a $9.99 value)
• Plus, you’ll get the Raise A GirlMogul weekly newsletter, filled with tips on encouraging successful girls (a $49 value)

That’s right – all this for just $4.99 a month….and we’ll give you’re the first month for just $1.00…That’s right – $1.00. Enjoy Your All Access Path to the GirlMogul Insider Club for 30 days.

You’ll get all the great bonuses, yours to keep no matter if you stay. After your trial, we’ll charge you just $4.99 month for access to the GirlMogul Insider Club. You can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

Plus, it’s all Guaranteed!

You can cancel at any time. No questions asked! That’s right – join the club and if you’re not satisfied just cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked!

YOU CAN ENSURE YOUR DAUGHTER’S SUCCESS AND A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR HER. End the cycle of low self esteem and confidence and allow her to blossom in her own girl power. Join the Club Today!


don’t forget your free bonuses worth over $99!

To your daughter’s success,

Andrea Stein

P.S. The truth is our daughters may remember only a fraction of what they’re taught in school. But the gift of mentors and the opening of the door into a world of achievement, conviction and accomplishment will stay with them forever as they navigate the rocky waters of adolescence. Ground them now with the foundation they need to keep reaching for the stars, to keep their feet on the ground and to go through life with a purpose –
• Inspire your daughter to go for her own goals, instead of always following the crowd
• Give your daughter a feeling of self confidence and the happiness that comes with it
• Open your daughter’s eyes to the fantastic future that awaits her
• Experience the joy and pride of seeing your daughter expand and triumph with each step she takes towards success
The GirlMogul Insider Club will inspire and motivate your daughter to imagine a rich, confident, wonderful life – and help her start living it now.
Join the GirlMogul Insider Club today…

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