Video Music Awards – Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged!

Hot Off the Press From Daisy: Taylor Swift Gets Upstaged!

Hey everyone! It’s GirlMogul Daisy here. You know I’m go-to girl on the latest trends, which usually includes some kind of fashion news or crafty project I’ve come up with. But, today, I’m telling you about some dramatic news about the nation’s favorite teen country sensation- Taylor Swift.
The Video Music awards, which are presented by MTV, are always racy and inappropriate to watch as a whole. But, there is something really concerning that happened on Sunday night’s show, and it has all the news reporters buzzing.
I’m going to fill you in on exactly what happened, so you don’t have to bug your parents to let you watch the show. The clip happened within the first 20 minutes of the show, and I saw it from a news snippet on the New York Times reporting of the incident.
The curtains opened and the show began with a very touching speech about Michael Jackson from Madonna. Then, a tribute dance was done by professional dancers. At the end, Janet Jackson came out and recreated the “Scream” dance, which featured bother and her brother. When the show officially started, the host came out and made some jokes and then announced the first award was going to be Best Female Video. Now, everyone really thought it was going to be between Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and Lady GaGa’s “PokerFace”. But, to everyone’s surprise, Taylor Swift won for “You Belong with me”! I have to say, I was so happy because I love her music. She has really meaningful lyrics that are sweet and positive, and she is a good role model for girls. Okay, so here is where the news comes in. She went on stage to giver her acceptance speech, and mid speech, Kanye West comes on stage and asks her for the mic. Once he has it, he started talking about how Beyonce’s video was one of the “best of all time” and how she deserved the award. Taylor Swift was upstaged, and MTV tried to cut to another video, and then eventually managed to get to a commercial. It was so sad how he stole the spotlight form an innocent teenage star, who was less than half his age. He is now publicly apologizing, but it was till wrong to take that away from her. At the end of the show, Beyonce won Video of the Year, and gave her speech time to Taylor Swift as an act of kindness. What do you think about the happenings on Sunday? Tell us below…

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