GirlPower on TV

I recently read an article about the upcoming TV season (How Lame, I know),  that talked about the new crop of powerful women on TV.  Strong Women Eveywhere on New TV Shows    Lamenting the long departed Buffy and Alias, the writer speculated on the newest set of shows featuring superheroes, the Bionic Women, and power career ladies (Lipstick Jungle, Cashmere Mafia).  The writer said that while all of the women seemed relatively comfortable with their positions of power – no lamenting the corner office, they all seemed to be less lucky in love.   Seems like the man (the TV man) is once again telling us we can’t have it all – successful at work, unlucky on the personal front – divorce, bad choices, etc.  No of course, romantic strum and drang makes for good tv – and who doesn’t like to watch other people’s relationship issues.


So is the media really pushing forward? Are they celebrating strong women, or are they patting us on the back with one hand and stabbing with the other, by showing women as powerful in work and powerless in their relationships? Are they perpetuating the myth that men don’t really like to settle down with strong women?




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