Quote of the Day – Magaret Atwood

“A ratio of failures is built into the process of writing. The wastebasket has evolved for a reason.”
-Margaret Atwood

Author Magaret Atwood
Author Magaret Atwood
Don’t we all hate those book reports that get assigned in English class? What about those in-class essays and take home papers? When you have nothing to say, typing up one of those can be really frustrating. I know that writer’s block can be tough. At the beginning, it seems like a mountain of work that has to be done, and that it will never end.
But, luckily, I have some easy tips you can try to make it easier. And while you’re trying them, remember Margaret Atwood’s words.
Let’s start with the quotation. Margaret Atwood is a famous author who wrote really progressive novels like the Handmaid’s Tale. I’m going to look up more about this interesting lady, so make sure you check out my biography post her later! Anyway, let’s get back to her quotation. I agree with Atwood when she says failures are built into the process of writing. Because writing is so subjective, it’s hard to determine what we are doing wrong if don’t try different ways of expressing our thoughts. I think finding your style of writing more of a trial and error process. I like the second part of the quotation because it adds a light-hearted sense of humor to the situation. I mean, we all need wastebaskets some time or the other, right?
I think her words can be applied to other work that we do, too. It’s like how parents always say, “Try, try again!” Although I hate hearing it when I do fail, in the end, the failure usually leads to something better, and prevents a mistake from happening again.
When it comes to writing assignments, try taking this one at a time. Always map out the essay first, from beginning to end. This may seem tedious, but once it is mapped out, you’ll be able to just go without stopping to check whether or to you’re making your points. Follow your outline, and remember to take one paragraph at a time. Also, try reading it out loud! It may seem silly, but your perspective will really change once you do! Good luck, happy writing!

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