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Margaret Atwood: A Pioneer with Pages

Margaret Atwood is known to students like us as the author of the Handmaid’s Tale. The story is a politically riveting tale with sci-fi style. It’s about this fictional world that is seen through the eyes of a Handmaid, a woman who holds a certain and interesting position in this social hierarchy. I know it seems complicated, but once you actually read the book, I promise everything will make sense. It’s actually a popular high school read, so if you haven’t gotten to it yet, no worries. Mostly likely it will be assigned in a sophomore or junior level English class.

The book was the first of hers to win the acclaimed Arthur C. Clarke Award, along with several others. But, it’s not her first or her last. Margaret Atwood has an illustrious career, meaning that she has a ton of works and awards to her name.
Let’s start at the beginning. She was born at Margaret Eleanor Atwood in Ontario, Canada in 1939. She spent a lot of her childhood in the backwoods of Canada because her father was an entomologist, or someone who studies insects. She also spent a lot of reading stories, especially fairy tales and comic books. By 16, Atwood knew she wanted to be a professional writer. She graduated from the University of Toronto in 1961 and eventually received her Master’s Degree from Radcliffe College in the United States. She also studied at Harvard after that. While writing, Atwood was a professor at both Canadian institutions and American universities, including New York University.
Why are her writings important? They are important because Atwood incorporates really thought-provoking ideas in her works. This means that she really makes you want to think about everything from society to you to your family to the world- after reading something she’s written. She’s written poems and fairy tales and children’s book and novels and everything else you can imagine. It’s actually really cool how people outside of the literary world really giver her credit for addressing issues like the economy and society’s rules. You can learn more about her at her own website, which is You can also read about her on the quote of the day here.

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