A Couch With a Present Inside!

kitten-in-couchHey GirlMoguls! It’s Poppy here, with some pretty interesting news. I found out about this really weird story, and it involves a couch. I know, it sounds funny, but wait till you hear what came with it!
In Ohio, someone happened to donate a couch. They donated it at the Huron Goodwill store, to be given away to someone who needs it. Now, usually, couches come battered and old, maybe with some rusty springs. But, when this couch arrived at the store, employees heard a noise from inside the couch. That’s right- they heard a “MEOW!”
According to the Associated Press, the store employees heard some noise in the store for a while, and finally figured it out that it was coming from inside that donated couch. AP reports that employee Kaila Voight said that they “removed the cushions and out popped the head of a gray-and-black striped kitten”! It was peeking through the fabric that covered the springs.
They also report that the donor of the couch followed up later with a call to see if a kitten she was missing turned up, and when she found out it had turned up, she told the store to let a customer adopt it. Now that’s one furry couch! What animal would love to find in a couch? I think I would love to find a furry red panda!
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