Spooky Stories – Are Haunted Houses Real?

It’s Halloween-time and here at GirlMogul world, we were wondering if all this spooky stuff is real or not. So we decided to do a little research and we came up with some famous “haunted places” all over the America…See if we found a place in your town – and if not, let us know if you have a ghost story to share…

The Historic Old Bermuda Inn – State Island New York
old-bermuda-innThe Old Bermuda Inn is now a restaurant and catering facility. But back in the 1860s, it was inhabited by the William Mesereau and his wife Martha. In 1860 William went off to fight in the Civil War and his wife Martha stayed behind. She kept vigil by looking out her bedroom window day and night. She kept a candle burning in the window so her husband could find his way home. Unfortunately the news she had been dreading came – her husband had died in the war. Martha stayed in her bedroom and died soon after of a broken heart.

These days, the room is called the Somerset room and is a beautiful dining room, which according to lore, Martha still haunts. Many guests have claimed to Martha’s silhouette in the window as well as a figure as walking around the inn. Ohter reports include strange noises and locked doors opening by themselves.

Ghost hunters who have investigated the inn found that cameras wouldn’t work in Martha’s room. Cold chills were felt in the room and pictures taken throughout the inn showed a spirit orb. And in the hallway an electric chandelier has one light that won’t turn off – ever. People believe that Martha’s spirit is making sure there is always a light on for her husband to find his way home.

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