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Hi GirlMoguls – in honor of Halloween, we’ve been diving deep into the realm of the supernatural here at GirlMogul Magazine. We were lucky enough to get a copy of the Encyclopedia of Haunted Places which has listings of haunted places in every state, plus tons of countries in Europe and Canada.

And whether or not you believe on ghosts or not, the stories these ghost hunters put together are pretty compelling – from pictures that show orbs of light, to dips in temperature to sensitives (psychics) communicating with the dead, there really is a method to ghost hunting.

franklin-castleWhile there is no accepted scientific proof that ghosts exist, we think some of there stories are pretty cool – and just might make you think twice before you dismiss a spooky story as mere “hooey”. So read on for our next spooky story:
The Legend of Franklin Castle:
Built in 1865, this gothic mansion is in the cuty of Cleveland Ohio. It belonged to a German businessman and his family. Rumors abounded that Hannes, the father wasn’t a very nice man, an after the death of his wife, children and mother, many thought he was responsible. It was also the beginning of the rumors about the mansion being haunted. Visitors reported hearing strange voices from empty walls, sound of children crying, faces materializing in the woodwork and cold spots and spinning chandeliers.

After the Hannes died, the house was sold to the German Socialist Party who used it as their headquarters, where they held secret meetings, built hidden tunnels and planned a political assassination – yikes. After that, the mansion was used as a boarding house – and one tenant was believed to be a doctore who preformed strange experiments.

Int he 1970s, one owner found dozen of skeletons in a sealed room. Other owners reported ghosts of children interacting with the family and when a TV came to investigate they recorded the spinning chandeliers adn equipment that moved on its own.

The house continued it’s spooky going ons until a fire nearly destroyed it – now it is being restored, with plans to turn it into a private club. However, will the ghosts of the Franklin Castle have other ideas?

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