Are Ghosts Real?

Hi GirlMoguls – it’s science girl Poppy here, and since it is the spooky season, I wanted to explore the science behind ghost hunting. Now, this isn’t to say ghosts are real or not, but there is a whole branch of science (ok, only some people think it’s really science) that focuses on trying to prove ghosts are real.

Are ghosts real?
Are ghosts real?
Usually, someone will be some place – in an old house, or perhaps an outdoor area where something “bad” happened – and will feel something or see something that they can’t explain. A lot of times it will be an apparation – a “person” dressed in old-fashioned clothes who may appear insubtantial – this apparation will usually flit about. Or it could be lights turning on or off, or doors opening and closing for no reason, or even things moving.

If enough people see things, a place gets a reputation as haunted –and it usually helps if the place – whether it’s an old house or someplace outside like an old battlefield had something bad happen there – mysterious or violent deaths for instance.

If a place gets enough of a reputation as haunted, ghosthunters are sent in – these are investigators who use tools to try to measure and capture evidence of ghosts or paranormal activity.

Some of the equipment ghosthunters use include cameras to try and capture pictures of ghosts (a full blown picture of a ghost hasn’t been recorded – most of the time the ghosthunters capture unexplained orbs of light)
EMF Meters – EMF stands for electro magnetic fields and these meters detect the presence and level of fields – and of course a high EMF reading signals the presence of a ghost – to a ghost hunter at least
Audio recorders – to capture spooky sounds
Infrared video cameras – to capture an apparition gliding around in the dark…

And of course, personal observation – ghost hunters record stories of eye witnesses and often spend a lot of time in the haunted place themselves, trying to get a “read” on the house. Unexplained chills and scared pets (like a cat or a dog) are often thought to be signs of a ghost.

Like I said, no one had found total proof of ghosts – ghost hunters say they use scientific methods and equipment to find out if ghosts really exist, but other scientists says it’s all a bunch of hooey…

So who knows – there is a lot of “evidence” from haunted houses that strange things are happening – but are they ghosts? No one knows for sure. And if you don’t get frightened easily – you might want to check out the show Ghost Hunters on the syfy channel for some chills and thrills.

Do you know a ghost story – have you been in a haunted house? Tell us about it below.

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