Science Today: Neurons Need Sleep!

girl-sleeping Hey girls! It’s Poppy here, your Science Go-To Girl. I was reading some really cool articles about sleep, and what happens in your brain while you’re sleeping. I know my mom always tells me that sleep is important. Do your parents tell you that all the time? It can be really annoying, especially when you’re watching a good TV show or reading a good book and don’t want to put it down. But, after reading the article, I can see why they say that. The brain needs rest not only to recharge the body, but it boils down to the cellular level.
Neurons are the cells in our brains that basically conduct all the electrical signals that go in and out. They get the messages that your body wants to do something, and send the messages out of the brain to tell you body to do something. That means they are really important in human functioning. Apparently, a new study done by a neurologist in Boston associated with Harvard Medical School has figured out a way to measure the signals coming in and out of certain neurons. After measuring these electrical signals, they found out that the neurons actually take alternating breaks. This helps us get into and stay in a deep sleep, which is integral for us to have every night. Pretty cool, huh? So they are buzzing while we sleep, but take breaks in activity to help us stay in a deep sleep. You can read the whole article here to learn more about these signals and how they take breaks just like us!

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