To Fake it or Bake It?

The October issue of Country Living came in the mail the other day, with a beautifyl, sinful looking chocolate cake covered in a orange glaze on the cover.  The perfect piece t to set the mood for Autumn – boy was I tempted.  Tempted to try my hand at cake creating.


I get this way every year around with the change from summer to fall.  Someone the idea of cooking, baking, nesting seems very appealing.  I want to feed my family.  So I try.   I go through cookbooks for elaborate recipies.  I try my hand at complicated cookies and cake decorations.


As a working mother, am I compensating?  I mean, really, especially with all the trained professional pastry chefs out there, why should I even attempt to bake.  They probably need me to buy a cake from them way more than I need to bake it.  And quite honeslty – all that time, all that mess…and all you have is a cake full of calories.  Since my kids are too little to enjoy the process of cooking – I shudder to think of the mess and the danger, I am going to do what any sensible, girlmogul would do – outsource.  I am supporting my local bakers – I will buy my cakes!!! (But I will gaze longingly at that Country Living Cover until the November).


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