Quote of the Day – Marjane Satrapi

“Image is an international language.”
-Marjane Satrapi

satrapi_marjane Marjane Satrapi grew up like you and like me, but across the world. She grew up in Iran, in a time when she indulged in similar things to girls now, like jean jackets, the newest Nike sneakers, and the newest music, which was Michael Jackson then. She wrote a book about her life, but she chose to do it in an unusual way. To find out more about her, make sure you read up on my biography post about this author!
Satrapi makes a good point here that often gets overlooked. Her novel is a graphic novel, which means it looks like a comic strip. She knows the importance of an image, because that is how she communicates her point to people all over the world. Ultimately, a girl across the world, in a country like India or China, might not be able to have a conversation with you because you don’t speak the same language. But, if you both saw a picture of a flower, you would know what it is. If you both saw a picture of someone smiling, you would both probably smile, too. This is because you both can see the same thing, but you just have different words for it!
Don’t forget how important images are. We can communicate so many words with just one image. Images are not only global, but they also speak to across different ages, sexes, and races. So, instead of sharing just a quote with your family or friends, find an image that speaks to you, and I guarantee you it will speak to them too! You can check out her biography here.

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