GirlMogul of the Day – Marjane Satrapi – Iranian Graphic Novelist

Marjane Satrapi is an Iranian author, who does so much more than write stories. She shares her stories, including her own personal story, through images and words. She is a graphic novelist!
Satrapi was born in Iran on February 22, 1969. She grew up in Tehran, Iran, which is a big city. She went to a French school in the city, and grew up in a liberal family, who participated in communist and socialist demonstrations and politics. Basically, this meant that they were for a kind of government different than what Iran had at the time. Because Iran was going through a revolution and then later a war, Marjane experienced some heavy oppression as a child. There were laws imposed on children in public school, like having to wear a headscarf and even splitting up boys and girls in public schools. Her parents were against these sort of rules, but voicing their opinions were very hard and dangerous at the time.
satrapi_marjaneAfter the war broke out between Iran and Iraq, Marjane’s parents sent her to Vienna, Austria to continue with her studies. She returned to Iran after having no place to live and getting very ill. She finished her studies in getting a Visual Communication degree, and met her husband at the age of 21. The marriage did not last and ended shortly after. She left Iran and moved to France, where is now living and working. Marjane Satrapi wrote her most famous graphic novel, Persepolis, about her life, and how it was growing up in tumultuous (which means rocky) times. It’s a serious comic book about how a girl just like us grows up in a country that is so different than ours.
Just a note – there is some bad language and some violence in the novel, so you might want to check with your parents if you want to check out the book.

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