Spooky, spooky spooky – can a whole town be haunted?

Here’s another tale to get your spook on – Happy Halloween. Near Barstow California is Calico Ghost Town – a real ghost town – that gives ghost walks and tours. But it started out as a mining town in the 1880s, filled with miners, saloons, outlaws and families. From pool halls to schoolhouses, Calico thrived for awhile – until the world value of silver plunged. While some had struck it rich, others hadn’t and the town began to slowly fall into ruins.

Calico Ghost Town Schoolhouse
Calico Ghost Town Schoolhouse
In 1950, the whole town was purchased by Walter Knott and restored as a tourist attraction. Her donated to the county in 1967 and it has operated as a historical park. The many visitors there often mention mysterious sightings and sounds. One common story is the sighting of a small girls ghost in the schoolhouse window. But the the most famous paranormal occurrence – the “Lights of Calico” that float mysteriously float across the hills and canyons around the town. These lights have been seen by many visitors but no “real” explanation has ever been found.

So do you think a whole town can be haunted? In Calico no great tragedy happened, but still there are reports of old-fashioned ghosts walking around? Of course, Calico Ghost Town is a destination – for people who are seeking to be thrilled and chilled by ghosts…so are they seeing something “real” or what they want to see? What do you think? Tell us below…

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