Tell Us…Who Your Favorite Women of History Are

QueenElizabethCoronationHi this post is for the readers of the Mommy Mandy blog. So tell us who your favorite woman in history is and why…Just post in the comment section below…

loganShe can be just about anyone, from Queen Elizabeth I (quite a lady) to Rachel Carson (a groundbreaking environmentalist) to Dr. Myra Adele Logan – the first women to perform open heart surgery. We’re sure your faves will be totally different and ones we haven’t thought of – so go ahead, let your mind wander and tell us who your favorite real-life GirlMogul is….

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  1. My daughter said Oprah Winfrey because she has done so much to help others, especially because of her school in Africa.

    In ancient history, she thinks Cleopatra was quite a strong woman.

  2. My older daughter feels that Eleanor Roosevelt deserves a place in the Women in History Hall of Fame–if there were such a place!

  3. The woman my daughter admires is Coretta Scott King. Because she stood by her civil rights husband Martin Luther King and carried on, after he died.

  4. My daughter believes Faith Hill is a great woman in history…even though she is a young woman by my standards and is certainly not yet in HISTORY BOOKS, a 10 year old has a whole different perception!
    Faith is making a difference to young women by setting a good example and teaching others to reach high for your dreams. She was an orphan (I didn’t know that) and worked hard to become a great performer. Her music and amazing voice brings life lessons and laughter. But also, she works to help push for Literacy in our country and reading is the CORNERSTONE of education.

  5. Alison likes Florence Nightingale. She wants to be a nurse just like Florence was so she can help people.

  6. Eleanor Roosevelt. An independent, intelligent, and modern woman in an time when a woman’s place was at home.

  7. Hillary Clinton is a woman I look up to because she ran for president and that is a big thing for a woman to do. I also like Oprah because she helps a lot of girls and people. I gave you my mom’s email because I do not have one.

  8. Betsy Ross because she sewed our country’s flag which is one of our most prominent displays of our patriotism.

  9. My daughter said she admires Sacajawea because the men (Lewis and Clark) needed her and she was just a teenager. Thanks!

  10. Joan of Arc and Elizabeth I were true GirlMogul types who used their strengths for the good of their counntries.

  11. My favorite woman in history is Annie Sullivan. She had patience to teach a child(Helen Keller) how to communicate through the darkness, when no one else wanted to deal with her. They gave up on her. But Mrs. Sullivan knew she could do it. And she did it with faith in God.

  12. eleanor roosevelt my mother in law presented flowers to her from the chester graduating class of 1945

  13. Sigh – I knew I should have made one up instead of asking her. She said Anne Bonny. Her goal in life is to get a part in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 so she can meet Jack Sparrow and marry Johnny Depp

  14. I aked my daughter that very question and she answered, Does the woman have to be great, then finished her sentence with her very own grandmother, who has provided her with self esteem and support and showed her that a woman is just as powerful as a man!!!!!!!!

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