Let’s Talk Scientific- Method, of course!

scientific_methodHey all you GirlMogul explorers out there! I know we all want to take on the world and discovery new things about our planet and environments. But, before we do, we first have to talk about something called the scientific method.
I know you hear about the scientific method in school, but it’s so much cooler than that (I promise!). Take it from a scientist-in-the-making; the scientific method is not just a bunch of steps you have to memorize. Let’s go through one version of the method, and WHY each step is going to make you closer to discovering a question you’ve always asked, or an unknown part of our world you’re itching to discover!
1. Form a hypothesis you can test objectively. Okay, so this is step 1, and it’s not a surprise. You first need to decide what your question is, or what your ideas about something are. Basically, you make a guess that you can test out without getting any personal opinions involved.
2. Construct an Experiment. Okay, here is the planning stage, which is super important! Make sure you plan out the way you’re going to test out your guess (hypothesis) in detail, so you don’t miss anything later on. Pick a variable to test, like the temperature in which a certain flower can grow, and design an experiment that tests out that variable, such as having 2 pf the same plant grow in different controlled temperatures.
3. Go for it! Put your plan into action and really see results. Get going you scientist and experiment!
4. Gather Data. Make sure you record your results from your experiment. Write down all the important information and observations you make during your experiment. For example, if you’re growing something in 2 different temperatures, make sure to record what plant you used, what temperatures you are doing, and how the plant grows at timed intervals at each temperature.
5. Analyze and Conclude. After you gather all your data and finish your experiment, you can now look over all the information you collected and make a real conclusion. Did your guess end up being true? Did it not happen? How so? These are questions to be answered and satisfaction to be had once you complete your experiment!

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