BFF or Not?

Hey GirlMoguls – it’s Lily here and I just wanted to touch on the whole BFF. I mean the other girlmoguls and I are BFF, but if you want to know the truth, I have other friends. In fact, I am pretty good at making friends, so the others thought that maybe you could all use a little BFF advice. I know that when you’re starting a new school year and maybe even a new school it can be weird at school with friends. You may find yourself changing and starting to like other people, or maybe your BFF is the one who’s doing the changing. All you know is that you and your friend used to be on the same wavelength, but now it’s like you’re coming from too different planets.

So, say you’re the one who’s making new friends – maybe you joined a new club or activity and found another girl or two who you really groove with – and now that you’re spending all this time together anyway, it’s natural that you’re hanging with them on your off time. But that’s caused a real problem with your old BFF…who acts angry and jealous anytime you mention your new friends’ names. Why can’t we all get along?

So – three tips to make the whole new friend group work:
– Introduce your old friends and new – plan an activity you can all do together – one that everyone is equally good at – or bad at. Watch the inside jokes – you don’t want your new or old friends left out…
– Keep spending time with your best friend – make the time to do your favorite stuff with your best friend – this is the best way to let her know you still want to be friends. Or try to do something totally new with her – just make sure you guys get some one on one time
– Remind her why you’re still BFFs – if your friend sees you’re having a great time with other friends, naturally she might feel jealous (imagine if the situation was reversed) and she might try to be overly clingy or worse – standoffish. So remind her that you’re still best friends by spending time with her and don’t forget to bring up your inside jokes and best memories…

And – your BFF might have your back – she may notice that your new friend — the one who’s always copying your math homework or borrowing all your cool clothes might be a bad influence – like anytime you’re with her, you always wind up gossiping about other girls. Not cool. Just remember why you love your BFF and don’t be so ready to ditch her…

Now, what happens when your BFF is the one going off and finding new pals? We’ll talk about in our next post. In the meantime – here’s to friendship – and loyalty.

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  1. Madelynn says

    Good advice! I am always trying to make new friends. But, I try to be cautious if I’m hurting my old friend by hanging out with my new friend too much. I will use that advice to intorduce my new friend to my old friend. I’ll see how that works out!

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