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Hi GirlMoguls – today is the official kick off of our November book club – Sphinx’s Princess by Esther Freisner. If you don’t know about it already then it’s book about the childhood of Nefertiti, a queen of Ancient Egypt. I think you’ll like it because because Nefertiti really lived a long time ago. Just a little bit is known about her, but she is one of the most famous figures in Ancient Egypt. This book is historical fiction (you can read more about that here) – the author mixes real events and people with things from her imagination. Because not a lot about Nefertiti, a lot of the story is fictional, but the details about life in ancient Egypt are pretty real.

So here’s how the book club works – We’re going to read the book over a month, one section a week – a little less than a hundred pages a week – don’t worry if that sounds like a lot – it really isn’t – maybe just 10 pages a day. Each week there will be posts about book – from fun facts about Egypt, to questions prompting you to think about what you’ve read, where we encourage you to share your thoughts. And, as an extra bonus, we’ve lined up some prizes for those who read the book and participate – so don’t give up and get started.

If you have any questions about the book club, then you can email us at info@girlmogulmagazine, or post them below.

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So, for the first week, we’re going to Chapters 1-4 (up to Chapter 5)….and here are some things to think about…
– Does Nefertiti seem like a real girl to you, or is she too happy and unconcerned?
– Is reaction to her what happens between Mery and her father normal? How would you feel if you were in that situation?
– Can you imagine what it would be like if you had to keep a secret like the one between Nefertiti and Henenu?

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