Miracle Maps – Product Review

Miracle Maps Prosperity
Miracle Maps Prosperity

Today we have a really cool product to review – it’s a magnetic vision board called a Miracle Map. We got the Achieving Prosperity version, which we think is cool because as GirlMoguls, we’re definitely into being money savvy. It’s cool magnetic board with all these different magnetic squares that have sayings on them, that you can use to create a collage, or vision board of your dreams. A vision board is usually just a collage of pictures and words that help you visualize your goal or dream. Some people believe that if you think about something and visualize it you can convince yourself that it’s already happened and that makes it easier to really make the thing happen. Visualizing your dream helps you focuses your energies towards making it happen.

Here’s how it works Say you wanted to win the science fair, you could create a Vision board with pictures of famous scientists and inventions. You could include words like WINNER and maybe a fake newspaper with a headline announcing you’re the winner. Or a blue ribbon that would symbolize winning.

It can also work for winning the state championships or if you want to get all As on your report card, or if someday you want to write a book. Usually you just go to magazines and the web and cut out images of the things you want to happen. Then you make your collage and put it someplace where you can see it often. You look, you dream and you close your eyes and think about doing the thing the vision board says.

But the Miracle Maps version makes it even easier. . It’s the same idea but even better – it’s a magnetic board that comes with all of these little magnets with words like millionaire, winner, and prosperity on it. You can arrange all these magnets to create your own vision board. Plus it comes with blanks so you can still go out and find your own pictures and then attach them.

So check out the Miracle Maps vision board and see what you would like to dream up. For ages 12 & up.

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