Giorgia Boscolo: Venice’s First Female Gondolier!

giorgia-boscolo-venices-first-female-gondolierHey Girl Moguls! A lot of countries have different traditions that are passed on from parents to children or just through their culture. In Venice, Italy, there are a couple traditions involving their famous gondolas, which are the boats tourists use to go around the water-streets of Venice, (there are no cars in Venice—only boats!) and their rowers, called gondoliers, who stand on the boat and row while others sit. One of the traditions is that the job of being a gondolier is normally passed down from father to son. I know what you’re probably thinking, father to son? What about daughters?! Well, that’s the second tradition—gondoliers have ALWAYS been male. Until now.
After nine centuries of all male gondoliers, Venice has finally broken its tradition by approving Giorgia Boscolo, 23, its first female gondolier. It wasn’t easy to break such a lasting tradition, though. Giorgia had to go through a grueling course which included 400 hours of instruction. However, Giorgia did keep part of the Venice tradition: her father, Dante, is also a gondolier. So the job was passed down in the family, only this time from father to daughter. Giorgia’s father seemed a little uneasy about his daughter breaking tradition, but has full faith that she will be able to succeed. “I still think being a gondolier is a man’s job, but I am sure that with experience Giorgia will be able to do it easily,” he said.
Traditions are really important to keep—they keep cultures alive! But I think it’s great that Venice is giving women a chance to participate in this really awesome tradition, too. This proves that even if you change a tradition a little, that doesn’t mean it’s broken…it might have gotten even better!

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