The Scented Cone – a Unique Alternative to Shampoo

egyptianwigandcconeHey GirlMoguls – it’s Rose here – hope you’re enjoying our book club pick – Sphinx’s Princess. You’re well into the story now and probably feel like you’re a bit of an expert on Ancient Egypt – well no worries – after all there are a lot of details about Ancient Egyptian life in the book. Like we know that most children in Egypt had their heads shaved except for one little lock. And that clothes were simple linen dresses, or shifts for the women and loincloths for the men.

Of course Nefertiti isn’t just any old girl – she’s the niece of the Queen and destined to marry her son – which means she would be marrying her cousin – which is kinda weird, but I will explain about that later. Since Nefertiti is a special gal, she gets to wear special clothes.

Most of the cloth in Ancient Egypt was made from linen, which comes from the flax plant. Very little wool (from sheep) or cotton was used (this came a lot later than our story). Sometimes, the linen would be dyed using plants – red, yellow or blue were common colors, but most of the time the linen was left plain. To make the linen super white, it would be left in the hot sun to bleach.

One of the most important fashion accessories (next to all the gorgeous jewelry Nefertiti describes) were wigs. Dark black hair was a sign of youth for the Egyptians, so people wore wigs to ensure that they would always look young. Also, real hair was very heavy and hot to wear inside and also good become a problem spot for lice – yuck. So most Egyptians shaved their heads and wore wigs – with no worries that anyone thought they were wearing one.

In fact, it would have been worse to not wear a wig – people would have thought you couldn’t afford one. Now in some pictures, you’ll see Ancient Egyptians with their wigs and a strange white cone on top. Nope, it’s not a crown. It’s a perfumed cone that was worn at parties. The cone was made of ox tallow and myrrh – a scent, and as time passed, it would melt and release a nice scent. Kinda cool, except sounds really messy. There’s no talk of any other deodorant other than these cone thingies, so maybe this was the Ancient Egyptian version of masking BO. I just shudder to think what those wigs must have looked like after a couple of hours of ox tallow – kinda like wax all over your hair.

So now that you know about the wigs and scented cones, what do you think – have you ever worn a wig – like for dress up or as a costume? How did it make you feel – did you try a totally different hair color? Did you feel like a different person?

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