The Lady Behind the Magic: J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling Creator of Harry Potter
J.K. Rowling Creator of Harry Potter
Joanne Rowling was born on July, 31, 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire, England. But she is known to the world and millions of her fans as J. K. Rowling, the British author and creator of the sensational Harry Potter series. She has sold over 400 million copies of books, and if that wasn’t enough, the books were made into live action films which broke numerous records. They even became one of the highest grossing film series of all time! Harry Potter is recognized all over the world and has become a never-ending fad that everyone from kids, teenagers and adults just can’t seem to get enough of. She has become a pioneer of our times and these books have gained her countless awards and achievements.
Growing up, Rowling had to struggle to get to where she is today, and so I think her story is truly inspiring. She went from living on welfare to becoming a billionaire in a span of few years! That is really a GirlMogul hard at work! It happened all thanks to her extraordinary creation of the world of Harry Potter. She used her experiences growing up and the people around her in her life as inspiration for characters in the story. She also used her own struggles in life to draw certain aspects of her fictional world of Harry Potter. Asides from being a philanthropist and giving back to multiple charities, she is one of the richest, most powerful and influential woman of our generation. She has inspired millions of readers to pick up a book and read. I remember seeing a kid in my class reading the books and thinking, “What is that?” But now, I can re read those books over and over again! The series is really why I love reading now, because before I really didn’t like it so much. I can’t wait for any other books she comes out with!
Want to hear a cool fact about J.K. Rowling? Apparently, the character of Hermione was inspired by Rowling herself! What character do you think is most like you?

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