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Welcome to GirlMogul Magazine.com, the online home of the Girl Mogul Magazine. Girl Mogul Magazine is girl power for the modern world. The GirlMogulMagazine blog is intended as a place for tween girls (ages6-13) to read, enjoy and learn about all things girl power. It’s for girls who are making a difference in their community, who are leaders, entrepreneurs and world changers. Girl Mogul Magazine is about who you are, what you stand for and what you can do with your life. It isn’t about what you wear or what you look like, what’s inside that makes you shine.”

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More About GirlMogul Magazine | About Andrea Stein, Founder | Subscribe | Advertise | For Parents| Contact

Girl Mogul Magazine online is the companion to the print version for the magazine, available August 2009. The bi-monthly publication for 8-13 year old leaders, entrepreneurs and community activists is being touted as an industry eye-opener because of its unique approach to editorial content for the modern girl. The launch of GMM is scheduled for September 2009 and will be celebrated with an exclusive Atlanta-based launch party geared specifically for tweens who are taking a stance and making a difference in their communities. The publication will be subscription-based and will reach over 125,000 girls, with plans to hit newsstands in 2010.

Subscription, Advertising & Editorial Information
The print version of Girl Mogul Magazine is a partnership between GirlMogul and Arden Publishing. For information on Subscriptions, Advertising or Editorial Information, please use the contact information below:

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Arden Custom Publishing
Company Address:
191 Peachtree Street Suite 3300 Atlanta, GA 30303

For Editorial:
Managing Editor
Melanie Lawlor Cooper
o/f: 404-551-5620 ext 103
email: melanie@ardenpublishing.com

For Advertising and Sponsorships:
Lisa La Rochelle
o/f: 404-551-5620 ext 112
email: lisa@ardenpublishing.com

For online & Email advertising contact:
Andrea Stein

For Press and Marketing Opportunities:
Publications Director
Erica Paul
o: 404-551-5620 ext 110
email: erica@ardenpublishing.com

For information about GirlMogul Magazine.com, the online version, or GirlMogul.com, including advertising, please contact:
Andrea Stein
309 Main Street
Lebanon, NJ 08833

For Parents
Parents, read more about why www.girlmogulmagazine.com is safe for your kids.

More about GirlMogul Magazine Online
Girl Mogul Magazine online features the GirlMoguls – four girls who dream big and reach for the stars. Let them guide you through their world as they explore famous ladies of history, current events, science and technology and great girl moguls of today. Whether brainy GirlMogul Rose is waxing poetic about her favorite author, or business minded Lily is telling you how to manage your money, or thr scientifically inclined Poppy explains her experiments wiht organic face cream, or the sarcastic, but gadget crazy Daisy is reviewing the newest cool product, the GirlMoguls will interest and inspire you. Read more about the GirlMogul characters, Rose, Lily, Poppy, Daisy, Abby and Dr. Smith and get a sneak peak at their new series – The Adventures of the GirlMoguls – here.

Whether it’s Poppy’s quest for the perfect scientifically sound face cream, a profile about the first female millionaire, or how to handle that mean bully, the GirlMoguls present interesting and relevant information to tween girls in a positive upbeat style. The GirlMoguls don’t let anyone tell them what they can and cannot do. With help from their mentors, the mysterious Dr. Smith and always upbeat Abby the four GirlMoguls, Rose, Lily, Daisy and Poppy, are off to experience great adventures – and learn that girls can be brave, smart, daring and best friends.

The GirlMogul Magazine Blog is a companion to the Girl Mogul Print Magazine, the GirlMogul Girl Power Guides, The GirlMogul Success Tales, Not Fairy Tales Adventure Series and to GirlMogul.com – girl power apparel and accessories.

To find out more about the team behind GirlMogul, read beloww.

Parents – to find out more about why GirlMogul is great (and safe) for your daughters, please go to our Parents page. If you’re looking for great parenting advice and tips on raising your own GirlMogul head over to the GirlMogul Mom.com (dads are welcome too!) for parenting tips and news.

The Founder of GirlMogul
Andrea Stein is the founder of GirlMogul Designs While shopping in the girls section for gifts, she noted the abundance of princess wear and wondered if there was an alternative. Finding none, she set about to create an alternative, dreaming up GirlMogul and its power apparel. By pulling together a talented team of designers and using innovative production capabilities and web marketing strategies, Andrea built girlmogul.com as the site for feminist fashion for the junior set. Since then, GirlMogul has expanded into publishing the online GirlMogul Magazine, about the adventures of the GirlMogul Characters, a non-fiction book, Light Up Your Girl Power, and the GirlMogul Mom – a parenting blog.
Andrea Stein has extensive experience in product development, management and consulting. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children. She is a graduate of Barnard College and holds an MBA from the University at Albany School of Business.

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