Sphinx’s Princess – Week 3

Book Club Pick
Book Club Pick

Ok readers and lovers of Ancient Egypt – it’s time to find out what happens to Nefertiti when she meets the son of the Pharoah himself – the Prince Thutmose…will it be love at first sight?  Will our spirited Nefertiti accept her fate, or does she have something up her sleeve?  Will her Aunt Tiye use her as a pawn in palace politics?  Hmm – someone being a princess doesn’t sound all that much fun!  So this week we’re going to be reading from Chapter 10 – Family Secrets to Chapter 15 – the Devourer of Souls – Enjoy…and tell us what you think of the book up til this point…Do you like Nefertiti?  How would you feel if you were caught up in circumstances you couldn’t control?  Would you accept it or would you find a way to fight it?  What would you do to keep your family safe?

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