Race to the Finish – Will Nefertiti outwit the Prince?

ancientegyptianwomenHi GirlMoguls – we’re up to the last section of Spinx’s Princess – our current book club book.  We’ve followed Nefertiti from her life as a little girl, to her call to the royal palace and her engagement to the future Pharaoh.  Of course, Nefertiti is a bit headstrong – which is why we like her, and she doesn’t easily agree to becoming part of the royal family.  And she’s starts to develop a relationship with Thutmose’s brother – which if we all know anything, probably isn’t a good thing…Anyway – no more spoilers.  We’re reading from Chapter 15, the Devourer of Souls through the end…stay tuned for more fun posts this week about life in Ancient Egypt…

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