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We all hear of the girl Anne Frank in school, and maybe we’ve read her most famous diary. But, it’s also important to learn about someone’s background and history. That can help us understand her words and meaning, such as in the quotation I picked to highlight this week. So, I did some digging!

I found out that Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in the city of Frankfurt am Main in Weimar, Germany. In 1933, she moved with her family to Amsterdam. After the Nazis came into power in Netherlands, the Jews were being victimized and a lot of them went into hiding. Anne and her family were among the many Jewish families that had to hideout to avoid persecution. They hid inside of a hidden room in her father’s office building. Unfortunately, after 2 years of hiding they were caught and sent to the concentration camps. Anne Frank had passed away due to typhus after spending a few months inside the concentration camps. Her father was the sole survivor from his family in World War II, and survived the long suffering in the camp. After the war had ended, he returned to Amsterdam and found a diary of Anne which documented all of her experiences during the war. He went on to publish the diary in 1947 for the world to read her stories. The diary chronicles her experiences in the war from June 12, 1942, to August 1, 1944.

The diary is internationally acclaimed as one of the most widely read books in the world. It is read in classrooms and her stories are taught to kids in school all over the world. Anytime there are stories told of Holocaust, Anne Frank’s name is usually mentioned because of her commitment to documenting her experiences, and the exposure her words give to us today. Her tragic story and experience during the war has given a lot of the readers a closer look at what people faced during those troubled times. Although she was a young girl at the time, she was very determined to become more than just a mother and a wife. She wanted more from life and she had big dreams; she wanted to become a journalist, or a writer. She started to document her stories in her diary which was given to her for her birthday not knowing if anyone would ever read them or if they would ever mean anything to anyone. Now those stories have inspired thousands and have touched so many people and she is a part of our history. Anne Frank will live on through her story forever. Have you read the diary of Anne Frank? If so, let me know what you thought of it!

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  1. Yami says

    Hi!!! hace poco terminé de leer el “diario de na frank” y verdaderamente es increible… las descripciones q hace, te hacen sentir q estas ahi,,,,leanlo …es triste, pero a la vez

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