Dorie Dilts: Dumped by Popular Demand Part 1

The Social Experoments of Dorie Dilts
The Social Experoments of Dorie Dilts

Hey GirlMoguls! I’m so excited about this month’s other  book club read, Dumped by Popular Demand by P.G. Kain. It’s part of the series called “The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts.” Dorie Dilts is a girl just like you and me, who is going through school and being affected by the social aspects of school. She is super smart and quick, and best of all, loves science! Her fascination in science applies to every part of her life, even the social parts. She keeps her journal with her at all times, because as alls scientists know, inspiration can come from anything at any time!

This novel, Dumped by Popular Demand, begins with Dorie describing her experience in middle school. She talks about how the most popular girl in school, Amanda Donohue, sat next to her in Spanish class. When she saw Amanda and her family while on vacation, she did even recognize Dorie even though she had been borrowing school supplies and sitting next to Dorie all year! But, like music to Dorie’s ears, her parents tell her and her brother that they have to move from California to New Jersey. Most kids would find this upsetting, but Dorie knew that this would be the perfect chance to reinvent herself and finally become popular.

After moving to New Jersey, Dorie finds some basic similarities between the two states. She finds that above all, the malls are exactly the same. I thought it was really funny when she said once you’re inside the mall, you could be anywhere in the country! It’s so true! But, that’s where she found her inspiration for her ultimate social experiment- Dorie was going to become popular. She began by examining everything girls her age were buying, and created a point system to rate the items they purchased. She then calculated the most popular clothes for girls her age that appeared to be popular, bought them, and wore the best outfit on the first day of school. What happens? Holly, the most popular girl in Dorie’s new school, Holly, wears the SAME exact outfit! Talk about social torture. Dorie suffers the blistering heat by drawing a heavy jacket over her outfit for the whole day. That is so sad. Here are some suggested reading questions to consider after reading the first part of the book, up to chapter 5:

What are some of the important aspects of Dorie’s experiment that are necessary to note for later conclusions?

Why do you think Dorie’s first attempt at popularity did not work out?

What could she have done differently?

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