The Fairy Godmother Academy #1: Birdie’s Book

Hey GirlMoguls – for those of you who believe in magic and fairy godmothers, here’s a grown up tale for you.  Birdie’s recently moved to the East Coast because her motehr got a new job.  Which is awesome because she get to finally really meet her grandmother.  But when she goes to her grandmother’s farm for the first time, something magical and unexpected happens – soon she finds herself on an unexpected adventure with a brand new friend Kerka, a totally kick butt type of girl.

Birdie and Kerka set on a quest to find a magic stone and restore order to their world – and find that perseverance, friendship and faith will carry you along. [ReviewAZON asin=”037585181X” display=”fullpost”]

GirlMogul Rose
GirlMogul Rose

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