Book Club Book: Fat Cat Part 2

Fat Cat Book
Fat Cat Book

Here we are, halfway through the book, with no answers on the Cat and Matt story! Seriously, what is going on? I am DYING to know what happened between this dynamic duo. Clearly, Cat and her current BFF Amanda overheard Matt saying something seriously offensive at the 7th grade science fair- but what did he say? And to whom did he say it?

On top of that, Cat’s experiment is totally wild! I can’t believe she is going through with it. Her mom and dietician were right about the withdrawal symptoms. I was really surprised about bad she reacted initially to the immediate stopping of eating those junk foods we all love. That means that chemicals like caffeine and artificial sweeteners really do affect our bodies in a big way. It really makes me think twice about all the garbage I put in my mouth. Now, I’m not saying I m going to try Cat’s crazy lifestyle for 7 months, but the fact that she is starting to see changes is inspiring. I know Cat had to come up with those provisions to live an ancient way in a modern world, and that made me realize some of those goals are attainable in the world we live in.

Now, enough talk about her experiment; let’s talk about her love life! We can finally see Cat changing her outside, but she is clearly not changing her inside. Despite several attempts from Amanda her boyfriend, Cat will not even persuaded to come on a double date with her best friends, nor will she even engage in conversation with Jordan’s teammate Greg. I’m not sure where this is going, especially considering we know how obsessed Cat is with Matt and how he mistreated her. Here are my burning questions for the 2nd half of the book:

Still, what DID Matt say on that fateful day at the 7th grade science project?

Will Cat ever realize how beautiful she really is, and that her outside is now reflecting her inside?

Will Cat give any boy a chance to develop a relationship with her, whether it is Matt or not?

Will Mr. Fizer pull the plug on Cat’s experiment?

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