Book Club Book: Dumped by Popular Demand Part 2

The Social Experoments of Dorie Dilts
The Social Experoments of Dorie Dilts

Hey girls! So now we’re over half way through this fabulous novel, Dumped By Popular Demand. So, that means that we need to discuss all the juicy details of Dorie’s experience in her new school, including her major social experiment.

Okay, the big news is the Holly Trinity. This is the elite circle of 3 in Greenview, which Dorie has figured out to be comprised of 3 popular girls: Holly MacAdams, Alexis Martinez, and Jenny Chang. After days of eating lunch in the girls bathroom, Dorie finally figured out who the three girls were. But, there was a still a huge mystery to figure out- what did they haven in common? Why were these three girls not only popular, but so close to each other?

The answer’s name is Grant. Grant is the popular guy in school who sits in the back of the class, jokes around, pokes fun at people, and definitely does not impress his teachers. But, let’s remember, he’s the popular kid. And, to top it off, he is what the Holly trinity has in common. Each girl has dated and been dumped by Grant, and this is the bond that holds them together. Like a lightbulb turning on, the idea comes to Dorie instantly. She will have to get Grant to recognize who she is, date her, then dump her in order to become one of the popular girls.

With the help of her also out-of-town friend Dixie, she begins on the first part (getting Grant to know who she is). With the help of Dixie’s makeover, we arrive at chapter 1 with a huge surprise. Grant does recognize Dorie, not for her name or who she is, but in science class. He picked her as his lab partner! As we read on to find out what this is about, I though of some questions to consider for this portion of the story:

Why would an ex-boyfriend bring three popular girls together? Why is this the only thing all three have in common?

What role does Dixie play in this part of the book? Do you think he will become more or less important as the story goes on?

And finally, why did grant pick Dorie as his partner? Did her trick of getting a makeover and asking him for a pencil work?

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