Dumped by Popular Demand, Book Club Part 3

The Social Experoments of Dorie Dilts
The Social Experoments of Dorie Dilts

Oh boy, we have some gossip to share with each other. As we get through the latter part of Dumped by Popular Demand, by which I mean chapter 15 through the end, the story takes some big turns.

It turns out we do find out why Grant takes Dorie as his lab partner- he picks the smartest one in the class so she or he can do the work for him! Well, Dorie will not settle for that. With Dixie by her side, she devises a plan to get Grant more involved in the project they have to embark on togther. After having a failed meeting at her house, she forces herself over Grant’s house. While he is still not helping, he seems to be paying more and more attention as the meetings go on. Meanwhile, Dixie and Dorie join the Dance Committee in order to get closer to the Holly Trinity. Although Dorie may not believe it, the Holly trinity is not interested in her. Holly even says her part of the committee is full when Dorie goes to sign up, but lets other girls sign up after Dorie leaves. She is so mean!

Anyway, Dorie joins Alexis’ committee with Dixie and tries to figure out the next step to popularity. Grant is opening up more to her, but it’s just not happening. Then, at one study break, Dorie involves food because she knows Grant likes to cook. This works! But, his mom interrupts and embarrasses Grant. Luckily for Dorie, he says he has a date for his brother’s wedding out of frustration, and means Dorie. Grant is going out with Dorie! We’re finally getting somewhere with this plan. Now, Dorie gets the Holly trinity to have the impression that her and Grant are dating. The gossip girl of Greenview, Tara, spreads the rumors perfectly and instantly the Holly Trinity is super interested in Dorie.

The next step has to go into play. Dorie tries to get Grant to dump her. But, everything she does, like being clingy, end s up being something that grant likes. In the end, he finds out about her plan and dumps her. Dixie also gets upset as to how much attention she gives the Holly trinity and not him. Yet, when Dorie is left with the Holly Trinity as friends, she realizes that both Dixie and Grant were better people, and better friends. She defends Grant, dumps the Holly Trinity, and restores her friendship with Dixie. Now, that’s what I call a happy ending. After finishing the novel, I thought of some interesting questions you can talk about with your friends, or write about in a journal of your own!

If Dorie left Grant and Dixie out of the picture and stayed friends with the Holly trinity, do you think she would’ve fit in? Did Dorie have anything else in common with the girls she so desperately wanted to be friends with?

What did Dorie learn about being a good friend and a good person? How did her interactions with grant’s family make her see Grant differently at home than in school?

Did you like the ending? Would you have changed the way Dorie treated people and her goals?

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