It’s National Women’s History Month

nationalwomensmonthIt’s official GirlMoguls – March is National Women’s History Month, and while we think every month should celebrate women and all the cool things they do, well this our special month.  Even President Obama got in on the action praising  the nation’s “daring, indomitable” women who made the US great.   President Obama praised his Secretary of State, and one-time rival, Hilary Clinton, saying she, “throughout her career, has put millions of cracks in America’s glass ceiling,”

Wondering what the glass ceiling is?  We were too, so we looked it up – here’s the official definition – “It is believed to be an unofficial, invisible barrier that prevents women from advancing in businesses.”  And what this means is that women and for some reasons – some people think its discrimination, other people think its because women  don’t want to work as hard as it takes to get to the top…

Well we think that’s not a good reason,  but when you look around, it’s true, you don’t see a lot of women running big companies, or being president or whatever…So maybe there is something to it.

Anyway, we also liked the fact that the First Lady, Michelle Obama got some props from her husband – he said she was the kind of woman, like many others, who have looked across the dinner table and thought, “I’m smarter than that guy.”

So girls – we may not be women yet, but be strong and be proud…and all month long we’ll be doing more to celebrate National Women’s History Month.

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy
Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

Posted by GirlMogul Daisy

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